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Dec 10

Weight Loss: When Should I eat My Carbs?

A very common question that we receive from our Personal Training clients in Napa has to do has to do with what are the best times to consume your carbohydrates?  In this article, we’ll explore some commonly ask questions about when and why to eat carbohydrates to create the best lean muscle building and fat …

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Oct 06

Alcohol Free Days, AKA “AFD’s”

Everyone wants to go out for a drink with their friends every now and then. It’s always nice to celebrate the end of a long work week with a tasty alcoholic beverage such as the one of the finest glasses of wine from the Napa Valley, a delicious craft IPA, or an awesome cocktail from …

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Aug 23

Seasonal Veggies! Use the Seasons to Add Variety to your Life!

A great way to stay healthy and include variety into your healthy meal prep. is to notice the vegetables that are in season. Usually, the vegetables that are in season are on sale out at the supermarket. You can find very innovative ways to add variety into your nutritional Habits by looking at the vegetables …

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Oct 26

The Art of Omelet Making

Sometimes making your own breakfast can be a bear.  It could be challenging to think about what some of the right items to eat would be.  However, if you enjoy eggs and fresh vegetables, then this is a great post for you to read. You don’t need many items to create a healthy omelet. In …

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