Success Stories


Gunnar De Young- 15, High School Baseball Athlete

Brooke- 35, Wine Maker

“I found myself 60 pounds overweight and very depressed. It was time to lose weight and get healthy. I tried cross fit for a month and I wasn’t enjoying it and not seeing much in the way of results. I was more frustrated because I felt like I couldn’t keep up. I Googled personal training and found InMotion Fitness Studio. I inquired about a personal trainer and explained the hours I was available and what I was looking for. The owner paired me up with Sean McCawley from Napa Tenacious Fitness. I met with Sean and we instantly connected. Sean listened to me and what I wanted to achieve and then put together a realistic workout for me. We began meeting twice a week and I began to lose weight and get strong. I have been working with Sean for 15 months now and I have lost 43 pounds. He has designed workouts for me to do at home and even workouts for my pool. Sean also spends a lot of time discussing eating habits and nutrition with me to make sure I am on track and educated me about what will help my journey of getting fit. Weight will always be a struggle for me but working with Sean has given me many tools to help me continue to be successful in the future.”

front 7.14.14 3.27.15- Front

left 7.14.14 3.27.15-Left

back 7.14.14 3.27.15- Back

rigth 7.14.14 3.27.15- Right

Angus Watson- 27, Business Professional, Competitive Rugby and Golf Athlete

“Before I went to see Sean I was unhappy about my size, flexibility and general lifestyle. After my first meeting with Sean it was made very clear that was going to rapidly change as long as I applied myself and bought into his methods.

After 3 months of hard work I could see visible signs of change. Stomach was decreasing and flexibility was improving by the day. Originally I couldn’t touch my toes when stretching my hamstring but now I can get both hands round the bottom of my feet. It’s the small victories that keep you motivated.

I live in Scotland and play golf and Gaelic Football. My targets in golf were made via flexibility. When i got back home to Scotland I was fitter and stronger and not coincidentally played a big part in my Gaelic Football Teams (Glasgow Gaels) progression to the final of the Scottish Championship. I can hand on heart say that I could not have put in the good performances without the training I went through with Sean. My teammates were pleasantly surprised!

I cannot recommend Sean highly enough. Not only is he a great Personal Trainer but he was a great friend for the short time we spent together. Working with Sean was an experience I will never forget and if you are thinking of working with him… Please don’t see it as a expense. It is quite simply an investment.”

IMG_3335 (2)Gaels

Kendall- 27, Wine and Business Consultant

“I started training six months before my wedding last November. I’m still training with Sean nearly a year later so all I can say is that I was hooked! Sean created a fantastic regimen that strengthened my back and core muscles due to a ruptured disk nearly 10 years ago. Training with Sean three days a week has helped all aspects of my life. I’ve lost 15 pounds due to better nutrition and continual exercise. I’ve also felt less anxious and stressed this past year. Sean made goals attainable and I am ever grateful to his support. Thank you Sean!”

front 9.19.14 9.25.15- front

left 8.8.14 9.25.15- left

right 8.8.14 9.25.15-right

back 8.8.14 9.25.15- back

Susan- Winery Directory

“I would highly recommend Sean, whether you’re an athlete in prime condition or like me, someone working around a variety of injuries.
Before working with Sean, exercising on my own was nearly impossible. I’d had a number of issues keeping me out of the gym; hip, knee, and two shoulder surgeries. Sean was able to work around my limitations, not only keeping me healthy and safe, but making me stronger, faster and leaner.
Although I have reached my original goals of losing 25 pounds and getting full use of my shoulder, knee and  back, I will continue my three sessions per week with Sean as he continues to challenge me and make me better. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun, too!”

Chris- Accountant Firm Manager

“Sean is amazing.  I went to him a few months ago and he helped me get my diet on track and improved my workout regime significantly.  The end result was less time in the gym doing pointless exercises and now I am 20 lbs. lighter for my wedding day.  Thanks Sean.”

Danielle- Winery Safety Manager

“By far the best personal trainer on the planet. Sean is highly organized and extremely motivating. He is very professional and I have yet to find out what he doesn’t know about PT. I would not recommend anyone else, he is by far the best of the best.”

Karla- Medical Student

“I’ve been working out with Sean for 3 months now and I’m so glad to say I’m 20 lbs lighter. I’m stronger, flexible, and acutely aware of what food I put in my mouth. I’ve tried other personal trainers, several crossfit facilities, and other “boot camp” style clubs, and none have been been able to help me achieve my goal of making a permanent lifestyle change. Sean’s approach to personal training makes you feel like you are working out with a friend.

Sean pushes you to work your hardest, but prevents you from injuring yourself. As far as diet, he gives you suggestions on dietary changes based on the foods you love. I was glad that I didn’t have to sacrifice my taste buds.

I highly recommend Tenacious Fitness for anyone who wants to make that change, but is need of a helping hand.”

Michael- Sales Manager

“I’ve tried to lose weight multiple times over the last couple of years and working with Sean is the first time I’ve seen changes in myself. I generally have more energy throughout the day, I definitely feel stronger, and throughout the whole process I’ve been learning new exercises to challenge myself. Working with Sean has been so easy. He tries his absolute best to work around your schedule and is easy to talk to. If you happen to be struggling, guess what, there’s an adjustment that can be made to bring out the best in you. If you’re contemplating giving Tenacious Fitness a shot I strongly recommend you do so.”

Kelly- Winery Banquet Manager

“Sean is amazing! I have been working out with him for about four months and so happy with the results! He changes the routine up every week so nothing gets boring. He makes sure you are doing all the exercises correctly so you are targeting the correct muscles. He listens to what you want to work on and creates great routines and meal plans to follow throughout the week. If you are ready to make a change about your fitness Sean is the perfect trainer for you!”

Matt- Attorney

Simply put, Sean McCawley at Napa Tenacious Fitness is the real deal. Sean was my strength and conditioning coach while I trained for my first Brazilian Jiu Jitsu completion. He made sure I circuit-trained in a way that would emulate my fight so that I would have cardio to push my opponent to the depths of the rounds. With few secondly left in the first round, I was down by 12 points behind. My training with Sean allowed me to trust my cardio, out-pace my opponent and catch a guillotine choke to win the fight.

I would encourage anyone of any age, gender, or current level of fitness to train with Sean. Training with him will allow you to safely and effectively reach your fitness goals. Whether your goal is to lose fat, tone muscle, or recover from an injury, I trust Sean’s experience to develop a plan to help accomplish your goals.

Cody- Regional Sales Manager

Sean is THE MAN. His depth of knowledge is vast and only surpassed by his ability to clearly explain the physiological reasoning behind all the movements in your workout. Understanding what is happening beneath the pain and tightness allows his clients, like me, to really make the connection between the present workouts and future results (both at the beach and at work).

Speaking of tightness, his emphasis on pre-workout routines and post-workout stretching helps your body repair more quickly and feel better, especially through the more difficult workout weeks.

Sean’s good-natured personality and tactful sense of humor makes him comfortable to be around for all skill levels. Basically, he is a low key, MMA badass who runs a gym that doesn’t throw weights around just because; oh and he only grunts when absolutely necessary. (aka, he’s no meat-head, beef cake, wannabe. He’s the real deal.)

Since joining up with Sean at Tenacious Fitness I feel stronger, have more energy and am much more flexible than I thought I ever could be. The connection Sean has helped me form between my brain, body and stomach has me feeling like Steve McQueen driving his cactus green 1968 Ford Mustang 390 GT fastback through the streets of SF.

And I’m loving every second.

Tom- Business Owner

Sean pays great attention to your progress, and customizes each persons routines to their unique fitness goals. I have trained with Sean a number of times over the last few years. He is very knowledgeable about human physiology and nutrition, and can adapt his training around any injury. I highly recommend to anyone, both new to fitness and the experienced athlete.

Julia- Entrepreneur

A very motivating coach! I began working out with Sean 9 months ago after having my first baby. Since then I’ve lost 35 lbs and gained a significant amount of lean muscle. I have more energy and more confidence than I’ve had in a long time. I’ve seen other trainers in the past and never had results like this. If you’re looking for a highly qualified coach to help you get in shape then Sean is your guy!