Personal Training and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Our goal at Napa Tenacious Fitness is to help our community to achieve success through developing a complete exercise routine and improved overall quality of life through living a healthy life and staying active.  Strengthening the body, feeding the body the correct substance and maintaining happiness is of the utmost importance when arriving and leaving any exercise session here at Napa Tenacious Fitness!

While learning proper exercise instruction is a big part of seeking out the services of a personal trainer, Sean at Napa Tenacious Fitness offers a balanced approach to excelling in an individual’s health and fitness goals.  Sean will offer 1-on-1 private personal training and organize groups of no more than 4 individuals per group for semi-private training sessions.  These sessions last an average of 75 minutes.

During these sessions, clients will first cover how to prepare properly for the upcoming exercise session by performing a customized dynamic stretching routine and completing a full body warm up focusing on core movement, coordination and injury prevention.  Following this warm up, clients will be instructed how to execute each exercise technique that is written out in their prescribed program correctly, effectively and efficiently.  At times, there will be sessions that cover a certain technique in excruciating detail depending on the importance of the exercise in the individuals program.  The programs will be customized to each client and prescribed based on a biomechanical assessment on what client’s goals and needs are.

In addition to receiving top notch exercise instruction and program design, all clients will receive nutritional consultations with Sean included as part of the Healthy Lifestyle Coaching service.   Nutritional consultations will be offered at request of the clients. Sean will gather nutritional information and assess it.  After creating an intervention plan, Sean will give recommendations by presenting a daily eating schedule, information on how, when where and why to eat certain foods and other nutritional guidelines assisting in achieving success through proper diet and nutrition.

Last but not least, Sean prescribes “fitness homework” to all of his clients involved in Napa Tenacious Fitness’s programs.   Once again, these programs are customized toward each individual’s needs and goals.

Tenacious Fitness always pushes for participants to feel better walking out the door than when they walked in!