Sep 26

Why Hire a Personal Trainer?

Personal Training is a service that covers a lot of different aspects of improving oneself in their everyday quality of life. Clients who train at Napa Tenacious Fitness approach us with many different goals, motivations, and reasons to adhere to a supervised training program. Some of these reasons include injury prevention, losing weight and gaining lean muscle mass, and pushing oneself to achieve more in their life through an improved physical body. This is all derived from an individual’s desires and motivations and what they want to achieve by strengthening their body and mind through our tutelage.

Sometimes hiring a personal trainer is to have a trainer act as a jail guard or a slave-driver to make sure that exercise is achieved under the rule of an iron fist. Let’s face it, some people really hate exercise. It’s painful, you sweat, and there are some uncomfortable Sensations that can occur through rigorous exercise. However, the cathartic feeling of finishing an exercise session is a very liberating and empowering feeling that leaves people feeling accomplished, driven, and looking to strive for the next best thing at times.

So why hire a personal trainer? If things are going to be challenging and uncomfortable, what would be the benefit for you?


Well, let’s look at why you clock in for work and work 40 to 60 hours per week at your job. A lot of people would rather take a vacation and not work at all.  But to thrive in the society that we live in, hard work needs to be put in. And this means that hours of time need to be put into your profession so we can achieve things like freedom to go to fun activities, take vacations, buy houses, buy things for our loved ones and friends.  Keeping your body strong and free of illness is one of the best outcomes that a 40 hour work week will give you in paycheck form.  However, showing up to train with someone whose job it is to push you to be the strongest person you can be within that 1 hour Personal Training session will give the power to enjoy your vacations and spend time with your loved ones because your body is strong, healthy and happy!

A huge part of promoting oneself and helping one improve their overall quality life is to take care of one’s physical wellbeing.  This could include anything from recovering from a previous injury to ensure not to get injured again, losing a significant amount of weight so that health conditions and self-image is improved, or it could be to decrease stress so that your outlook on life is happier and healthier. These are all things that hiring a personal trainer can bring you. Having someone to show your face to one to three times a week and performing an exercise routine with the instruction of a trained Fitness Professional will help hold a person accountable to improve oneself. Sometimes reaching out to a coach and having them coach you is a great way to make sure that one is staying on track to live the best quality of life they can.  There are certain scenarios in which doing these things by yourself may just not happen. Therefore, taking the time aside and hiring someone to share that time with you is a good way to make sure that you’re constantly improving!