Aug 23

Seasonal Veggies! Use the Seasons to Add Variety to your Life!

A great way to stay healthy and include variety into your healthy meal prep. is to notice the vegetables that are in season. Usually, the vegetables that are in season are on sale out at the supermarket. You can find very innovative ways to add variety into your nutritional Habits by looking at the vegetables that are in season and are on sale.  This a great way to add nutritious dishes to have throughout your day.  Some examples might include zucchini during the end of summer to throw on the grill, carrots during the fall to roast or bake in the oven, and winter squashes to make delicious and warm soups.


Something we utilize with our Personal Training clients here in the Napa Valley is to switch up their Life Time Fitness goals every 4 week.  Our team of Personal Trainers carefully monitor and help to manage these fitness goals every 4 weeks.  Part of our high success we share with our clients is that we are positively deceptive in our goal setting.  We ensure that our clients are constantly adapting… and no adaptation can occur without a new stimulus being introduced!  These Healthy Life Style coaching cues are along the same line as what we are saying in this article!  If you eat the same mundane things all the time… Well, your mind and habits are going to go through the same mundane processes and healthy adaptations such as weight loss, elevated morale, and exercise levels will be hindered.  Therefore, variety is ever so important.  We are fortunate enough to live in a world where seasons bring different aspects of life.  So embrace these seasons and the veggies they bring!


It’s always a good idea to switch up your nutritional habits so that your body can absorb nutrients from different food products. Variety is not only a great way for your body to efficiently absorb great nutrients, but this also keeps your mind adapting and progressing to become more innovative. Something that will improve your overall quality of life is implementing healthy and dynamic nutritional habits. That way you can live a healthy lifestyle and practice Life Time Fitness throughout your entire life!

Here’s a quick list of some veggies that are great in their popular seasons:

Winter Spring Summer
Beets Avocado Bananas
Brussels Sprouts Bananas Beets
Cabbage Broccoli Bell Peppers
Carrots Cabbage Blackberries