Jun 08

The Medicine Cabinet… Clear It Out and Start Exercising!

Health issues caused by becoming overweight are becoming increasingly prevalent.  Conditions such as hypertension, sleep apnea and arthritis are just a few conditions whose names are on this list.  A common solution to resolving these problems are referring to the services of a general physician.  The physician will more than likely offer a prescription of medicine to help alleviate these symptoms of stress such as high blood pressure medications, diuretics, and sleep assisting prescriptions.  For people suffering from sleep apnea due to an increase in fat mass around their throat, a CPAP machine is sometimes prescribed.  While all of these are solutions to curing detrimental health conditions can be caused by living a sedentary life style, they are just a band aid to the overall problem.  This problem is your life. and if we want to live longer, we should act appropriately.

One other critically important piece of information that not every doctor will recommend to treat this conditions, is exercise.

The health conditions that were listed above (overweight, sleep apnea and arthritis) are more often than not linked to a lack of physical activity and poor food choices.  While prescription drugs can help treat these conditions, they can also be harmful in the fact that they will promote the very thing that created the problem in the first place.  The genesis of these conditions will generally be due failing to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.  As you know from reading my website, we promote Life Time Fitness in Napa by adhering to exercise, having a positive outlook on life and ensuring that our diet is healthy and balanced.

Implementing an exercise routine on a weekly basis will help battle the effects of becoming overweight.  Performing some sort of physical activity will put positive stress on the heart as well as the muscles and the bones of the body.  By increasing the heart rate in a controlled environment, such as a structured resistance training routine, will help level out the effects of high blood pressure in the arteries of the body.

Compound resistance training techniques that target the muscles of the lower body, upper body pulling movement, and upper body pushing movements will elicit a stress response on the muscles surrounding the larger bones of the body.  Once the larger bones of the body receive that stress, anabolic hormones responsible for the reconstruction of muscles and bone tissue will be released into the blood stream triggering the resynthesis of the bones and joints.  By performing resistance training, the body will strengthen the bones that are deteriorating from the effects of arthritis.  While arthritis medication is helpful, the human body will be able to last longer if we can reduce the amount of arthritis medications that seem unnecessary and increase the amount of exercise to improve our journey to live a healthy and strong life.  As a Personal Trainer and Life Time Fitness Advocate in Napa, one of my jobs of myself and my team is to prescribe exercises to individuals suffering from issues such as the joint disease and arthritis.  No matter where you are in the world and you are reading this article, seeking out the advice of Personal Trainer would significantly help fight the detrimental effects of arthritis.

CPAP machines help overweight individuals sleep by assisting the breathing cycle while sleeping.  Sleep apnea is a condition that is linked to restricted breathing due to increased fat tissue around the throat causing a restriction of air going through the trachea.  The CPAP machine is meant to be a temporary solution for the conditions Sleep Apnea linked to being overweight.  Ideally, an individual with Sleep Apnea that is tied to being overweight should not be on this device forever.  Why?  Because by decreasing the amount of weight a person has, fat mass will be reduced in the body AND an increased exercise will lead to a healthier sleep wake cycle.

So, are medications bad?  Absolutely not.  They can be very useful.  However, depending on these medications, an overabundance might lead to overuse and can seriously impede an individual’s human potential in their lives.  The more prescription medication bottles in the medicine cabinet that fall out when you open it is an indicator that an intervention should occur.  This intervention is our pride and joy as Personal Trainers.  So why not try to reduce the amount of medication bottles you have in your cabinet and increase your over quality of life by staying physically active, exercising, and eating healthy?

I don’t know about you, but living a happy and strong life sounds like a good way to kick ass in life.