Jun 01

The 3-to-1 Principle: 3 nights healthy… 1 night to treat yourself!

Weight loss is one of the top subjects that drive people to improve their fitness.  Increases in overall weight can lead to metabolic diseases, joint pain and other psychological factors that are detrimental to human health.  As Personal Trainers who promote Life Time Fitness here in the Napa Valley, we are posed with many challenges on how to guide the people we engage with to lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Napa is a beautiful city that has many decadent items for lovers of food and wine.  The appreciation for food and wine is apparent in the tourist community and plays a huge roll in employing people who live in Napa.  Wine makers, event managers and restaurant workers are all surrounded by the bliss of drinking the world’s best wine and eating some of the world’s best food.  Therefore, the temptations to consume copious amounts of alcohol and eat rich and delicious food is right in front of our eyes, both literally and figuratively.  When temptations are so close for eyes to see, it makes overeating and overdrinking a very easy thing to do.  We all know what happens when too much food is consumed at one time… the food will not have anywhere to be absorbed and it will be stored as fat (especially the delicious Napa cuisine).  In addition, some of the social events that the professionals in the wine industry are obligated to go to always have alcohol… tons of it.  The omnipresence of wine and catered food is another trigger that can convince a person to over consume and influence the gain of extra weight.

So, is delicious food from Napa Valley’s fine dining restaurants and the best wine in the world a bad thing?  HELL NO!  As the writer of this article, I think it’s a great thing!  We should take time out to enjoy amazing things in life… and food and fun wine experiences are definitely a part of that!  However, the key concept to many things in life… is balance.  With that being said, what is a good way to balance a life in which one wants to maintain a healthy weight and is surrounded by things that might negatively influence their weight?

In reality, no one person is unique when it comes to being surrounded by tantalizingly devious decisions in food.  We are all surrounded by vices that might convince us to go down a path that is not the most beneficial for our wellbeing.  In this subject, we are talking about decisions involving the overconsumption of food and alcohol.

But why is it that some certain people in the food and wine industry are able to maintain their weight and live a healthy and active lifestyle?

Balance is key to this.  Ensuring to decide on more things that will influence health for tomorrow over choices that will negatively impact ones health is a great example of how to balance a life that is surrounded by decadence and gluttony.

A great technique that we teach our clients at Napa Tenacious Fitness is the 3-to-1 principle.  The 3-to-1 principle refers to the amount days in which someone will make healthy choices for 3 days in a row and then allow 1 day in which the person can allow themselves a treat.  For example, a good technique would be to abstain from carbohydrate consumption at dinner and dessert for 3 nights throughout the week.  After 3 days, you can allow yourself a meal that includes carbohydrates… or even dessert!

I know that as a Personal Trainer and Life Time Fitness Coach in Napa people might be saying… dessert, really?  You’re damn right that’s what I’m saying!  This is a technique that takes an extreme amount of control and concentration.  It so challenging to break cycles that have imbalances to them.  Any little technique we can utilize to positive influence a shift in the healthier direction and away from overeating is a huge success and will positively impact the loss of weight.  This will lead to a healthier lifestyle overall.

So give it a shot!  Pick one thing that you think is kicking your ass and causing you to not be as fit as you would like to be… eliminate that aspect for 3 nights in a row, and then allow it for the third night.  Then repeat it…again and again… and again