Apr 26

Out to Lunch and Feel Pressured to Eat Unhealthy Food? Look at the Appetizers!

Having a job that requires you to go out to lunch meetings and being exposed to restaurant food can sometimes sabotage your healthy eating habits.  For example, sometimes you may be pressured into consuming certain foods that are not the most conducive to your health and fitness goals because most of the table might order appetizers.  When living in the Napa Valley, we know that indulgent food options are hard to pass up.  That’s why seeking the services of Personal Trainer and Nutritional Consultant in Napa is a productive way to stay on track!  Appetizers that may not be the healthiest such as bread, crackers, or carb-filled item this and cheesy items.  We all know that when you eat too many carbs at one time and then also eating too much fat at one time will trigger the absorption of fat cells in the body.  So how do we get around the impulse to eat carb filled or fat filled restaurant food when going out to eat with your friends, family, and/or working team?

Something we tell our clients during our Nutritional Consultations is to look at what sides are offered on the menu.  More often than not, a restaurant will have a side menu that has things such as salads, vegetables, or strict meat dishes that don’t include copious amounts of carbohydrates such as crackers, breads, or grains.  In addition, when ordering some of these items you can request the item to be served with light cheese, or no cheese at all.  You can also ask to get creamy dressing put on the side so you are in control of how much dressing gets put on your salad.

By looking at the snack or appetizer menu when out at a bar or a social function or work function, you can make better choices by limiting the amount ingredients on the actual item that you’re ordering.  Remember that when your body is in a rest and digest state, such as when you were out to lunch and not working out, you are not going to absorb carbohydrates as readily.  Therefore, that is one of the best times to look for healthier options.  This is where looking for healthy vegetable sides such as roasted brussel sprouts, beet salads, or tuna tartar dishes are going to benefit you.  So next time you’re out to lunch, go ahead and look for these items and try to make healthier choices!