Mar 22

Don’t miss your workouts: Keep a gym bag in your car at all times

Fitting workouts in after you get off work, coming home from school or, coming back from another sort of endeavor which requires you to be dressed in a specific attire is always challenging.  Long days can lead to you wanting to go straight home…. Putting workouts on the back burner. Sometimes this is because you are not dressed in workout clothes.  If this is the case, you might have to run home real quick to get into workout clothes before making your way over to the gym.  Just the fact that you must make an extra trip home is a deterrent that can lead you to avoiding the gym that day.  Stepping into your house and seeing your family, your dog, or the ever so inviting couch in front of the TV is going to make it pretty enticing to sit down and call it a day.  When you sit down and call it a day… well that means that you may not get any workout in at all.  We want to be able to fit something in to create lifestyle characteristics in which we can get some workouts in throughout the week.

So, what is a good way to make sure that you don’t make that extra trip and have to come home to obtain your workout clothes?

One easy solution is to make sure that you have your gym bag in your car always.  In this gym bag, you should have shoes, clothes, and a snack.  Your gym bag might look like this:

1.  Workout underwear (boxer briefs for the guys… Athletic undies for the girl) and sports bra (default girl necessity).
2.  Exercise shorts or pants that are comfortable for working out.
3.  An athletic top that you are comfortable in and will serve as a good workout shirt.
4.  Comfortable workout socks something that won’t be that like the dress socks that you wear to work.
5.  A snack that you can easily consume before you work out so that you have energy.  Something simple as a banana or some sort of healthy snack bar might work.

These are just some examples of the items that you can put into a workout bag.  With just five items into a bag you will be able to throw this in the back of your car and have something ready to go so that you can make it to the gym after whatever your obligation is before you head home for the night.  Having to make an extra stop before the gym just serves as an obstacle and a distraction to keep you from the gym.  Remember a 30 minute to one hour workout 3 times a week will make a huge difference in your vision of Life Time Fitness.  Having that bag ready to go in your car with your exercise Essentials will make it a lot easier to get a to the gym and get those 3 days a week in.