Nov 15

Slam a Glass of H20 First Thing in the Morning After You Open Your Eyes! Maintaining Healthy Hydration Status

Establishing our hydration needs throughout the day is a little challenging.  Sometimes we forget to drink water because we get so busy with our everyday lives at our jobs, with our families or dealing with other concerns during the day.

One recommendation for the amount for daily water intake an individual should be consuming would be about 3 liters or .5 oz. multiplied by your body weight in pounds.  Some recommendations suggest 2.7 liters for females or 3.7 liters for males.  3 liters is a lot of water. So, if all else fails, just go with the 3 liters of water per day approach.

Well, there are many different recommendations for water intake, it might be obvious to some people who are reading this article that they do not consume the recommended amount of water.

Water is important for many functions throughout the body.  Research about the anatomy of her body suggest that we are made up of 65 to 75% of water.  One can imagine that having a deficient amount of water throughout the day good negatively affect the functions of our body.

Having done my Master’s thesis on the effects of exercise induced dehydration, I have observed some research in which water can positively affect an individual’s performance throughout the day and negatively affect someone’s day as well.  An example of being hydrated suggest that your blood will flow at a more efficient rate coursing throughout the body from head to toe. This means that you will have a better supply of oxygen rich blood going to the muscles, nerves and vital organs.  Some research suggests that being dehydrated will decrease blood flow to the brain and muscles.  You could imagine that decreased amounts of blood to the brain would cause symptoms of lack of concentration and just feeling overall crumby.

So how do we remedy some effects of dehydration throughout the day.  Without getting too much into it, one suggestion that is easy and can be applied immediately would be to drink a full glass of water every morning right after you get up from sleeping.  Waking up from 6 to 8 hours of sleep without drinking anything it is a great time to replenish your fluid levels with a full glass of water.

Go ahead and practice this method. Put a large glass of water next to your bathroom sink.  After you wake up fill up that glass of water and slam it before you start your hygiene routine to begin your day.

If I have learned anything from doing a 6-month research project on the effects of exercise induced dehydration.  I have learned that water is good.