Nov 10

Manageable Daily Fitness Routines: How to Keep your Physical Activity in Check

Finding ways to establish a fitness routine that one can and adhere to is always a challenge.  One of the best ways to adhere to a routine that will elicit substantial benefits for your body is to develop a very brief daily exercise routine.  Performing at least a 30 second exercise routine everyday will help the body to become stronger and develop lean muscle mass.  Of course, developing lean muscle mass will lead to decreased levels of cholesterol, better balance of insulin and controlling one’s weight.  These things can lead to helping the effects of diabetes, obesity and other conditions that will affect the body such as arthritis or old age in general.

So, what are some easy exercise habits that can help us maintain lean muscle mass and strength in the body?

Getting in three workout sessions per week that concentrates on lower body movements and upper body pushing and pulling movements through resistance should be implemented in someone’s life.  However, with busy schedules that have to do with work family and social life these things are never easy.  To counter that the “I don’t have time” issue, adhering to specific modes of exercise that take no more than 30 seconds to one minute every day are a great way to help your body stay in motion.  In addition to helping your body stay in motion, doing exercises that take 30 seconds to one minute every day will also keep the thoughts of maintaining your 3 times a week exercise routine hot on your mind.  A good way to help maintain your exercise routine is to keep your mind percolating on the thought of exercise.  If we can keep exercise just as much as a necessity as water or food, we will live healthier and more fulfilling lives when implementing physical activity in our everyday lives.

Some examples may include planks, push ups, squats or a stretching routine (like the ones shown below) before you even hop in the shower in the morning and do your hygiene routine.

daily-fitness-routine-blog-jake-and-daugther-stretching-hamstring-stretch daily-fitness-routine-blog-jake-and-daugther-stretching-childs-pose daily-fitness-routine-blog-jake-and-daugther-stretching

One such example is 30 push ups before you go into the shower.  If you can’t do 30 push-ups on the ground, go ahead and do 10 push-ups from the counter top. 

Another example would be to do 30 seconds of straight arm or elbow plank.  Once again if the difficulty is too hard to do it with straight legs just simply go from your knees you can refer to the video that I made about planks:  https://youtu.be/uMR-B8lJEjU

Another routine would be to do 10 – 20 body weight squats.  Or you can do 10 to 20 calf raises.

Regardless of the routine that you choose from some of the examples that were listed, it is still a good idea to find some way to adhere to physical activity that is outside your normal scope of activities that you do throughout your day.  Sure, you may walk a half-mile during your work day when you’re in the office.  You may pick up a few heavy objects throughout your day as well.  However, this is different from the what exercise training is involved with.  Training your body will make walking during your work day easier. It will make picking heavy objects up easier. It will make the feelings of soreness tightness pain easier it will make your fatigue levels go down throughout the day you will have more energy.

Implementing an easy exercise habit that you can do at least ONCE during your day will benefit your physical well-being tremendously throughout your life.  So, pick something easy that you can adhere to such as what was listed.  Remember just 30 seconds of exercise before you hop in the shower and perform your morning hygiene routine will make a significant difference in your daily life.