Oct 26

The Art of Omelet Making

Sometimes making your own breakfast can be a bear.  It could be challenging to think about what some of the right items to eat would be.  However, if you enjoy eggs and fresh vegetables, then this is a great post for you to read.

You don’t need many items to create a healthy omelet.

In this video I’ll show you how to make a healthy omelet step by step.  Even though this video is a few minutes long, after you get this technique down it can take you less than 5 minutes to make.

Remember that making your own breakfast is way better than stopping by Starbucks and getting bagels or a pre-made breakfast sandwich.  When you have control over your own food choices it will be easier to maintain a healthy weight and also live a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, it may take you a little longer to make an omelet then to pour a bowl of cereal with milk, but the health benefits are astronomical when choosing a breakfast, you made from scratch.  Pouring a bowl of cereal over milk will not only give you a huge influx of calories but will also spike your insulin and leave you feeling hungry an hour later.  In addition, processed and pre-made foods are usually not the best sources of food because they have preservatives and other fake crap in them.

Developing habits to create your own breakfast each morning will be a pivotal part of starting your day off right to keeping a healthy weight, maintaining lean muscle mass and be energetic and effective throughout your day!