Mar 31

Bored? Reached a Plateau? Do Resistance training and cardio equally for better results!

There is a 3 headed approach to why some people are not getting fit and trimmed and fed up with their work outs not having any results.  Poor results lead to a decrease in motivation and physical activity.   The three reasons are:

  1. Not enough cardio,
  2. Too much specialized training
  3. And not enough heavy lifting.

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about burning fat is the amount of resistance training people ignore because of the thought that it does not burn calories to shed the same amount fat like cardio does.  However, the more muscle you have on your body, the more fat you will be able to shed after a good cardio work out.

Another factor that is commonly misconceived about resistance training is the thought that the higher reps one performs with weight lifting, the better it is for burning fat and getting ripped.  This is true to a point.  However, when lifting with lower reps, testosterone levels are increased which helps to speed up the metabolism and blood flow to the working muscles.  Increased metabolism leads to more calories being burnt before and after your workout.  The increase in muscular density will help to burn more calories and fat while doing a cardiovascular workout, such as jogging or utilizing an elliptical trainer.

Too many specialized workouts are another activity people are doing in the gym that was written in this article.  Sure, standing on a medicine ball with one leg up and doing a dead lift while holding a medicine ball over your head looks like it will work a lot of muscles and be an insanely intense workout.  But in reality, unless you are an elite athlete, you probably will not do one rep of the previously listed exercise the correct way.  If you are not a quarterback for the NFL, go back to the basic weightlifting and see the satisfying results you can get from doing some cardio and good old fashioned resistance training.

People think that cardio is the best way to stay lean and fit, so they focus only on cardio four to five times a week.  In some cases, this where cardiovascular exercises can become bland and boring (no offense to all the marathon runners!)  Cardio is not supposed to have a bad reputation.  Just make sure to incorporate a hybrid of resistance training exercises and cardiovascular fitness to help shed fat and increase the body’s metabolism.   They work harmoniously so well to give you the results in strength and fitness we all strive for!   So in the long run, take out a day or two of cardio and fit some sort of weight lifting in your routine one or two days and you’ll definitely see a world of difference!

So why not throw a little variety into your training regime?  Not only will it get you feeling and looking better, but it will also put some excitement into your life by bringing in some new activities into your exercise routine.