Jul 03

Are E-cigarettes really that bad?


Are E-cigarettes really that bad?

Oh the “E-cigarette…” I have heard people who use these things tell me that they are not as bad as regular cigarettes and actually may not affect the integrity of your lungs at all. The theory behind this is that the tobacco in the “E-cigarette” being boiled and the bi-product is vapor, which is “not harmful.” Not only is there no evidence that “vaping” isn’t as a bad a huffing the conventional cigarette, but there are no regulations by the FDA on this little contraption. Also, I guess the e-cigarette can blow up in your mouth if it malfunctions.

Don’t let the cigarette/tobacco market fool you. Putting shit into your lungs that has proven countless times to cause cancer to yourself and the other people around you is inconsiderate to not only to your own well being, but show’s that you don’t give a shit about the health and life of the other human around you. It doesn’t matter if it’s “vapor” that is boiled in some fancy contraption… It can still be inhaled by the people around you, and it’s still poisonous.

If you are going to smoke… or use the stupid little “E-cigarette,” I suggest you keep it away from people, especially the kids. I see people smoking these in bars and restaurants, in the car with their kids in the back, or in the store because for some lame reason, it’s legal.

My recommendations to the people who want to partake in inhaling tobacco products: Have some respect for other people’s health and well being, and go out by the dumpster or other designated smoking areas, and go “vape” or what ever is you do. Please keep it away from the kids. Just because you want to destroy your body out of your own volitional will, doesn’t mean that other people have to be harmed as well.

Sorry for the rant, but “E-cigarettes” are just as bad.