Napa Tenacious Fitness was founded by Sean McCawley and is the Napa Valley’s premier private Personal Training studio for individuals seeking 1-on-1 Personal Training and coaching.  With a space that is welcoming, clean, and friendly, our fitness studio is fortunate to welcome the most elite fitness professionals in the Napa Valley.  We offer a private setting that tailors toward individuals in the Napa Valley who want to refine their fitness levels and achieve their goals to help pave a path that will help them live the strongest, happiest, and healthiest life possible!  

The community at Napa Tenacious Fitness Studio offers a private and non-judgmental environment.  Our community prides itself in ensuring that we maintain the private yet welcoming experience for customized fitness instruction to ensure that we can help bridge the gap for our client’s visions and goals for the future.  Our focus for offering our services is to emphasize a rigorous relationship with truth to our clients, friends, and peers to enhance human performance and embark on a journey to make Lifetime Fitness an ever-evolving progression in our everyday lives. We design customized exercise programs, offer nutritional consulting, and teach healthy lifestyle habits. Human performance such as compound lower body, upper body pushing, upper body pulling and core movements are among the top ranked exercises that are emphasized in our training programs.  After visiting us for a little while, you can expect to see some increases in lean muscle, burn a few billion calories and leave Napa Tenacious Fitness feeling better than when you walked in!

So feel free to come on by and hang out with us at Napa's premier Personal Training fitness studio.  Our mission is to help you grow and offer you strength while promoting a lifetime of happiness, optimum health, and strength!